Let my love of language and passion for effective communication refine your content.
It's my job to make you sound professional and polished while preserving your voice.

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Free your writing from common errors. This is the final check before you publish that covers spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, formatting, word use, and typos.

$.01 per word


This is more in-depth and includes all of the above plus correcting syntax to improve readability, checking facts, and creating a style guide to maintain consistency. It also includes flagging problems such as inconsistent content, plot holes, potential libel and copyright issues, repetition, awkward phrasing, and jargon. Clarity, consistency, and pacing are key.

$.02 per word

No project is too small, but the minimum fee is $10.

I can do a free two-page sample edit at your request.


Academic Papers
Manuals & Guides
Marketing Materials
White Papers & Reports
Blog Posts & Online Articles
& more...

How it works



Send me an email with information about your content and which level of editing you desire, and I will respond with my availability.

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If the time frame is acceptable, send me your document, and I will reply with the quote. I can edit in MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Google Docs. 

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Confirm you are satisfied with the quote, and I will begin working.

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I will email your document and send you an invoice through PayPal. 

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about me

My focus is on effective communication. I love correcting the errors and improving the flow in others’ writing so that their message is unimpeded.

I developed a reputation for being meticulous about writing and fastidious about deadlines while earning a BA in communication. I have worked as a private tutor but also edited academic papers on a volunteer basis.

When I decided to become a professional copy editor, I completed the High-Level Proofreading Pro online training course taught by Edit Republic. While I have always had a keen eye for grammar, spelling, word use, and consistency, I learned the more technical aspects of editing and current industry standards through taking High-Level Proofreading Pro. This training has been very valuable to me while freelance editing.

I am a member of The Christian PEN and take courses through The PEN Institute to continue to sharpen my skills. 

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"When I completed my thesis for my MS in emergency and disaster management, Katy was very helpful in making sure I met all MLS referencing standards and guidelines. She never tried to change my content or thoughts. She did make sure that they were presented accurately and properly. If I ever decide to go down a doctoral path, I would want Katy working with me!"
Gavin F.
"Katy is very professional, and I enjoyed working with her. She is always clear with price/time estimates and always sticks to the deadline. Highly recommend!"
Alexandra G.
"There is a lot I could say, but I will just say that she is fast, professional, and rich in ideas and different ways to propose changes. If you need anything to be written, Katy is the right professional for you (and for me as well because I will hire her again)."
Luciano D.

Contact Me

Contact me with any questions at [email protected]