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Refining and polishing stories by removing any hindrance between the author's intent and the reader's perception


I specialize in fiction, particularly the romance, speculative, historical, and suspense genres.


1–1.5¢ per word

Free your writing from distracting errors. This is the final check before publishing that looks for typos and errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, formatting, and word use.

I use The Chicago Manual of Style unless otherwise specified.

Copyediting and Line Editing

2–4¢ per word

Copyediting looks at the four Cs: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. It includes everything covered by proofreading plus correcting syntax to improve readability, checking facts, and creating a style sheet to maintain consistency.

Copyediting looks for problems such as misplaced modifiers, words used out of context, contradictions, plot holes and missing information, potential libel and copyright issues, lack of parallelism, and awkward phrasing.

Line editing looks at the tone, flow, clarity, and language of content. It involves evaluating the writing line by line to ensure the author is making the most of every sentence. The goal is to improve the content so that it is effective and engaging for the target audience.

Line editing looks for problems such as redundancies, unnecessary modifiers, empty words or phrases that add no value, passive voice when active should be used, and ambiguity. For more specific examples, see this post.

Since copyediting and line editing overlap and my clients usually need both, I offer these together as one service, but I can also do one or the other.

I can do a free sample edit so that I can more accurately estimate how much time your content will need and you can get a better idea of what to expect from my editing.

For more information about the different levels of editing and how this applies to fiction, see this post.

Fiction Manuscript Evaluation


This consists of reading the manuscript and writing an in-depth editorial report that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the fiction writing techniques. This is not a line-by-line edit, and nothing in the manuscript is changed. Instead, examples from your manuscript of what was done well and what needs improvement are used to show you how to improve the writing.

I take the opportunity to point out any big-picture issues that ought to be addressed before the copyediting stage but focus on line craft issues such as viewpoint slips, effective use of descriptions, overwriting or underwriting, use of filter words or tentative language that can be cut, showing versus telling, and dialogue techniques, as well as a general assessment of the grammar, punctuation, and word usage.

This service is included in the copyediting/line editing package, so if you hire me to do a manuscript evaluation and then editing, the cost of the evaluation will be credited toward the editing package.

How it works



Send me an email with information about your content (such as topic, genre, length, target audience, publishing goals, which level of editing it needs, etc.) and any questions you have for me, and I will respond with my availability. I don’t edit nonfiction, memoir, or children’s books.



Send me your document, and I will give you a quote along with a free sample edit. I need to look over your entire manuscript to make sure we are a good fit and to give you an accurate quote. I can edit in MS Word with Track Changes and in Adobe Acrobat with Comments. 



Sign the letter of agreement and pay the deposit (50 percent of the quote) before editing begins. If you are booking my services more than a month in advance, a first payment of $100 will hold your spot on my calendar. I send invoices through Wave, which allows payment by credit card or bank transfer.



I will send you an invoice for the final payment and email your document when payment is received. 

Picture of Katy

about me

I’m a freelance editor with a background in education and a love for books that captivate. As a kid, I had to be told to stop reading. I wasn’t allowed to read in the grocery store because I kept walking into things or in the car because my mom was afraid I would turn sixteen, start driving, and get lost on streets unfamiliar to me.

I have a BA in communication, pursuing journalism at first but switching to a concentration in technical writing, and worked as a private tutor while editing academic papers on a volunteer basis. But my first love has always been fiction, so I completed training courses taught by Edit Republic and The PEN Institute: High-Level Proofreading and Copyediting Pro, The Art of Line Editing, and Fiction Boot Camp. This turned my love of language into a career that allows me to help writers make their stories clear, consistent, and compelling for readers.

Aside from editing, I homeschool my boys, watch them play baseball, make sourdough bread, and still stay up too late reading.

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